Friday, February 25, 2011

Moldova - SAX GUY EDITION - Eurovision Song Contest 2010

I've never heard Moldovan music before this. My first impression was, wow this is absolutely rediculous."

I hold firm to that decision.

That being said, this entry in the Eurovision Song Contest from Moldova was incredibly musically impressive and catchy as well.

Yes, epic sax guy. That lick is just too good. Ahh!

The Eurovision Song Contest is a European version of something like American idol for those of you who watch that show. The difference is that within each country, different bands and songwriters compete for a spot in the European contest. What you get is the best songwriters from each country pitting their works against eachother until one country is left standing. The rules: you can vote as many times as you want - just not for your own country.


  1. Sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than American Idol.

  2. I used to play sax in middle school.

  3. That man is beautiful at playing the saxophone